For Us Workaholics

For Us Workaholics…


This is not a Scott bottle. This is a true scuba-diving air bottle

Your response to the one-word sentence above may be to wonder if that’s an introduction to this article? Where’s this going? You may think to yourself, “Is that a command?” “Are you professionally qualified to identify and prescribe this ‘medicine’?” Perhaps I’m being a little extreme, but we can “go there”. Simply, what I’m saying is, “Rest”.

For those of us who think in terms of “projects” – the continued movement of a given subject matter, articulated or unarticulated, in a direction we deem as progress, whether defined in certain terms, or incompletely defined, ie., vagueness (my definition) – it’s easy to believe that if we disconnect from the matrix of our own design of the mind, that we’ll be unsuccessful, we’ll lose momentum and possibly our whole initiative. Not true. As long as you have your goals, strategies and tactics documented, clearly articulated, and in a place neatly tucked away (which includes your mind), you should be able to pick up where you left off entirely without missing a beat other than perhaps some habits you may have picked up during your time of rest, whereas the problem issue wouldn’t be rest, but our own tendency to develop habits rather easily.

Currently, I say this while on vacation, and I’m tempted to believe that unless I am fully engaged, partially engaged, or keep a “toe in the water” that I’ll be unsuccessful in my goals. But if that were the case, the countless of times that I disengaged in anything whether by some external setback, time and chance, or simply my own lack of discipline, I wouldn’t even be here considering this topic. So, rest. Set a time when you’ll return to work mentally. Take some time to disengage, turn your mind and eyes elsewhere, to something fun, engaging, enjoyable and relaxing. Enjoy God’s green earth, the joy of friendship and family and vegging out. Check your mind out and come back to us later a well-rested person, a better version of yourself, untainted by vocational courtesies and we’ll be here when you get back ready to work with you and receive all the benefits of a well-rested you!

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